G Sian

Creative Director, An Indian Summer – Multi-art Festival, 2012 to 2015

Freelance Artist, Designer, Photographer and Filmmaker, 2005 to Present
Brand Manager, Special Olympics Leicester 2009, Leicester Games 2009 Ltd., 2007 to 2009
Web Officer Museums, Leicester City Council, 2002 to 2005

G is a passionate advocate and agent of creativity and collaboration whose skill-set spans the visual arts from pencil to pixel. For An Indian Summer he has led on traditional and innovative initiatives. Since 2009 G has been applying his art to motion picture projects including three feature films and numerous short and experimental films.

G’s focus ultimately rests on the integrity and quality of art as it is made, displayed and experienced. He has commissioned works, curated exhibitions and festivals, and is currently directing a performance at Curve theatre involving 40+ performers and staff.

G is also very active board member of several arts organisations in Leicester.