Unfulfilled or redefined futures

As we live through another unfulfilled imagined future day, take a moment to contemplate how you imagine your future to be. Whilst discussing this very matter with Artist and creative technologist Sean Clark, He offered a very interesting insight into how the worlds of Science fiction and real-world constraints of technology and market economics come together.  Sean mentioned that when one looks at the likes of Star Trek or Back to the future, it’s not that we have not achieved a particular technology – it is more to the point that much of the technology has be manifest in a different way.

In may ways the smartphone platform has been used as a technological package to house many of the different things that were envisaged.  Happy BTTFD

The imagined future from an artist perspective is a great paradigm to play with. for me it allows the chance to understand new ways of communicating and enables us to think about history from a multi-outcome perspective. Above all it allows artists to creatively lose themselves in order to find new realities.


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