Alternative text

Been thinking about the text more and more and have developed an alternative text for the performance.

Hello world
lots of other worlds
I should say
#hello worlds

each distinct
each talking to the other in real time
each with more virtual time that you can scroll through
Oh shit i’ve just #burntMyFood

or was it my fingers when i responded to that dude in the email
who is and isn’t MIchael Green
all in one failed wikileak

do you ever wonder why you are infinitely scrolling through a chronologically illogical timeline
encouraged to hate spielberg for killing a dinosaur
or share a vine of this cat playing the tabla to #thisHashtag

heavy rain from the cloud of meta
You ticked the box and…
Oh you’ve just slipped
and #tumbled
faced down into the touch tabla, where skilled fingers attack points to make the beats mean something new

You helped make this
we’re all part of the system
in the algorithm
ye, you’re the bit that makes everything divide by three
keep tweeting and it won’t fade
it’s not open source
just free at the point of use
made of pure freemium
skip ad’s and watch out for the in-app purchases

Follow the wire from the drums and into a box
what inputs
must outputs as something other
same ish data
different code

colours from the box read by eyes glazed with their meaning
High low
loop again and the drums change rhythm
bluetoothed and ready to party on to the final destination

touch the screen
taste the scream
that jolt of excitement when you first enter and see everyone there waving back at you
you’re part of the tribe
connected and visible
or is it…
that jolt of angst when you’re trolled for thinking differently
your one of the vulnerable
disconnect and delete account

Which one are you
the back room bard
poeting on google drive in the vein hope you won’t lose nothing
or the Digital apostate who mourns all things analog
all things that could be understood in linear space

Oh shit i’ve just #lostFeelingInMyLegs
playing GTA all night with my BFF’s one of which is my BBF
I can’t walk now
but, I feel biverse


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