For this project I’ve been reading a wide range of essay’s and books. I’ve also been exploring past exhibitions that have explored similar themes.

Below is a list of a few things that have been of interest.


‘The Information’ (2011 Published by Pantheon) by James Gleick is a broad study of data and information from both a historical and contemporary perspective.  This book set the foundation for this work as it first introduced me to the concept of a broader interpretation of language i.e. the talking drum

‘Muntadas. On Translation’ catalogues 27 projects by Antoni Muntadas that explore translation.  The book is epic (though a little full on at times).


Marking Language (exhibition) Drawing Room, London: 10 October – 14 December 2013

Pavel Büchler, Johanna Calle, Annabel Daou, Matias Faldbakken, Karl Holmqvist, Bernardo Ortiz, Shahzia Sikander




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