Draft text

I’m developing a text to use in the performance in some way.

here’s the latest draft


So this is data

It’s all around us
we see it – touch it – use it
every day
we translate it into new realities
It’s up to us what we see and how we interpret it
which data are we capturing
zeros and ones or less
much less than we are dismissing.

let’s look at it It flowing through this system
Your chirpy contributions are being translated into tabla.
Luckily Rishii is fluent in tabla.
And this is how our process begins.

Each drums feels the attacks
they are being measured and re-coded as chromatic states
then being decoded as movements by hand
recycled by Rishii as commands
whilst also being taken as touch and relayed as X and Y for your viewing pleasure

all this in the blink of a few eyes

around the world and back from

server to server

device to device


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